Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 6- Catacombs of Paris, Museum D' Orsay & Shopping (Jan. 29th)

In the morning, we headed toward the Catacombs of Paris by the metro. It was a long walk deep under the ground; we spent two hours in the tunnel. It was dark and narrow, and a long part of tunnel was built by human bones — 7 million human bones. Most of us thought it was spooky, but in a certain way, we were all amazed.
After the visit to Catacombs, we had a short ride of the bus and arrived at Musèe d’Orsay. There were loads of fascinating paintings by those legendry artists that we’ve heard of since we are children, including Van Gogh, Monet, Sisley and Monat. We enjoyed them so much; this is the place where wonderful modern art works come to life and tells every visitor their own stories. Beside the fantastic art works, the structure of the museum was awesome as well. We’ve passed by the museum several times and saw the big clock from the outside, but it was really different to see it in the building; it was beautiful.
Astonished by Musèe d’Orsay, we were not willing to leave it, but all of us were also very excited about our next stop—we are going to Notre Dame de Paris, where we had had a chance to wander around but didn’t have time to go into. This is the place where the story “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” took place; it was described charmingly in Victor Hugo’s book, yet it was even more enchanting in real life. It was a pretty long distance between Musèe d’Orsay and Notre Dame, but all of us were so glad to have this opportunity to see it by our own eyes and really walk in it. The atmosphere in Notre Dame was peaceful, we had a short rest there and then moved on to our dinner.
Dinner at Creperie Beaubourg Paris was very tasty; we had salad and Savoury Pancakes. Creperie Beaubourg Paris was near by The Centre Pompidou; therefore, after dinner, we decided to walk to the museum to have a good view of Paris from the top of it. Paris at night was very tempting, for all the buildings were glowing in the lights, especially the golden, shining Eiffel Tower.
We then took the metro and started back to the hotel. It was a long day, and most of us were fairly tired. But this was one of the most memorable days for all of us.
Paris, extremely mystical and magical.

Contributed by: Shirley Yen

Day 5- La Cite des Sciences & The Sacre Coeur (Jan. 28th)

So today we got to go to the science museum; la Cite des Sciences. It was packed with information and fun games and activities to do. There was a submarine where you got to see where the crew ate, slept and worked.  It was interesting to see how incredibly small the area was that they had to live. After spending some time walking around the museum, we watched IMAX movie about Sea monsters; otherwise known as dinosaurs. Many of us snoozed, even Mr.Tate, because we were tired from the previous day. The ones who stayed awake said that the movie had cool graphics but they couldn’t understand what they were saying because it was all in French. Then there was Mr.Tayem who was trying to catch M&M’s in his mouth being thrown at us in the 3D movie. We then took the metro to the magnificent Sacre Coeur at the top of Montmartre. We had a spectacular view of the rooftops of Paris which was truly an amazing view. Afterwards, we had a delicious meal in a quaint authentic French restaurant called la Cremaillere at la Place du Tertre. Some students had their portraits painted at this famous square. Over all it was a very exciting, fun filled day but of course with lots of walking!!!!

Contributed by: Zeyna McIlvain

Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 4- The Louvre, Mona Lisa and a sunset cruise! (Jan. 27th)

            When someone asks what the most famous thing in Paris is – besides the Eiffel Tower, of course – the first thing that would pop into most people’s minds would be the famous “Mona Lisa” painting by Leonardo DaVinci in The Louvre. The Louvre is a massive museum that apparently takes about three and a half months to completely go through. It’s filled with thousands of beautiful pieces of art, all of which are so interesting to look at, each having their own twist or unique beauty to it – even if they may fall into the same category of kind of art.  Unfortunately, the group didn’t have a lot of time to look through a huge chunk of the museum as we only had a few hours. We did manage to see, however, part of the original structure, Ancient Greece, French history, and of course, the Renaissance. I have never seen a group of teenagers get so excited over a piece of art until the group of 27 ACS Amman students stepped into the room where the “Mona Lisa” hung in all her glory.

            After having a beautiful artistic experience, we stepped into the chilly Paris air and onto the Bateaux Mouche. The boat carried us through the main canal that goes through Paris, and basically allowed us to view most of the landmarks we have previously visited, or planned to visit, within a short time so we could take beautiful pictures as the sun set over the city and behind these landmarks. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty cold. So we took our pretty pictures before quickly retreating to the heated inside of the boat. It was a nice experience, besides the freezing air. It offered a sense of serenity and gave us a chance to reflect on all the amazing places we’ve had the chance to visit.

            All in all, a fantastic day. 

Contributed by: Caroline Rossel

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 3- Versailles (Jan. 26th)

On January 26th, 2014, the students of the American Community School in Amman visited the extraordinary city of Versailles. Upon entrance it seems to be a quaint and peaceful town, however as the bus rode in, the city unveiled the gorgeous Palace of Versailles. With blinding golden gates and beautiful 18th century architecture, it is nothing less than spectacular. Once arrived, the students split up into four groups and ventured on into the palace with audio guides explaining the historical significance of every gold plated and chandelier lit rooms. From the king's quarters to the elaborate gardens, the students experienced all that this monument has to offer.
After finishing the three hour tour, the students collectively agreed that the best thing to do after an intensive walking session would be to have lunch. Some ate in cafés and others in brasseries. Some students were even courageous enough to try the world famous delicacy of escargot. Today was truly an incredible experience for everyone involved.

Contributes by: Michael Kirreh

Day 2- Eiffel Tower & Notre Dame (Jan. 25th)

Our first full day in Paris and we didn't waste a moment.  We started our day off with a three hour tour of Paris.  We saw famous landmarks such as the Arc d'Triumph and the beautiful buildings of the city.  We made our way to the Notre Dame and may of us were able to indulge in a traditional french meal that included escargot, frog legs, rabbit and fondue.  The highlight of the day was our visit to the Eiffel Tower.  We spent an hour at the top and were able to see the whole city.  We froze at the top but the view was worth the chills.

Contributed by: Karmah McIlvain

Day 1- We arrive and the Champs Elysées (Jan. 24th)

Here we are safe and sound in Paris.  A smooth flight in and easy transition to hotel paved the way for a relaxing afternoon on the Champs Elysées.  Everyone shopped, consumed multiple baguettes and enjoyed the view of the Arc De Triomphe.  We took our first dinner at RESTAURANT BOUILLON CHARTIER which was accompanied by a extra helping of surly French service.   We're all still trying to wrap our head around the fact that they're in Paris!

Note: Our hotel the IBIS Paris La Villette is a short coach ride away from central Paris and the transportation is being provided by SNAP COACHES.  Everyone was extremely please when they saw that we would be getting around in a full size touring coach throughout the week.  

We will update this blog each night throughout the week with a different student contributing each time.  My apologies for the delayed start.  Below is a link to the trip itinerary.

Paris Itinerary